December 7, 2023
Commercial Observer Life Sciences Forum, NYC

Experts Discuss How Cities Will Spur Life Science Investments in 2024 at Commercial Observer’s East Coast Life Sciences Forum

At Commercial Observer’s East Coast Life Sciences Forum held Dec. 7 within Taconic Partners’ gleaming new West End Labs at 125 West End Avenue, real estate developers, entrepreneurs and science experts exchanged notes on how they are all soldiering on — and how cities that want to keep them around can provide the necessary boosts to do so.

 “I think that we’re going to start to see that demand for lab space really quickly rise, especially here in New York City,” NYCEDC life sciences and health care Vice President Kyle Kaniecki said.

Industry executives from JLL, Taconic, Himmel + Meringoff, Ventas, BioLabs, Harrison Street, MGE Engineering,  SGA, Longfellow and more joined panels to discuss how the life science industry is maturing and critical investment insights for 2024.

Agenda Highlights

  • Life Sciences 2024 Outlook: Analyzing the Year-over-Year Real Estate Growth & Opportunities Within This Key Sector
  • The Critical Role of STEM Industries in Attracting Urban Talent
  • The Case for Conversions: Office to Lab Conversions to Reignite Leasing
  • Occupier Innovations: A Look Inside the Lab & New STEM Campuses Leading the Pack


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About West End Labs

First built in the 1920s as an automotive showroom and repair facility for the Chrysler Corporation, 125 West End Avenue has been redeveloped into West End Labs (WEL) — a state-of-the-art research and development hub, purpose-built for a new generation of scientific discoveries and achievements. WEL provides the chassis and infrastructure of a high-performance research building along with a finely appointed interior of spaces to support a mission-driven community. Designed specifically for those leading discovery, pushing innovation, and creating a brighter tomorrow – all within easy reach of New York’s greater life science ecosystem.