October 27, 2021
De-Risking Biotech: What Corporate Sponsors Are Looking For

This event is virtual and will include a link to join online prior to the event.

Join us as we continue exploring strategies and considerations around corporate partnerships as a mechanism for de-risking biotech startups. During this session we will get the perspective of some the largest and most influential corporate business development and investment teams on how to attract and create such partnerships. Session will be followed by virtual networking.

Early-stage biotech has become increasingly attractive for large corporate biotech and pharma companies looking to gain a competitive edge by enhancing their development and pipeline portfolios. These partnerships have significant advantages in terms of capital raises and leveraging deep corporate expertise to de-risk therapeutic developments startups are aiming to advance to market. However, many startup founders and managers do not know how to seek, foster, and grow these relationships. Join us and a panel of industry experts as they walk through how these relationships get started, grow, and pay dividends for both the startup and corporate partners.