July 26, 2022
Gateways to the North: From the Bronx to Westchester

A recent NYC City Planning study of the NYC Metro Life Science economy concluded that the NYC Metro area, which includes New York, New Jersey and Connecticut, enjoys the largest life science economy in the United States and the 2020 Census data shows it growing faster than many other regions of the country.

This Sponsored Seminar Series showcased each of the new life sciences developments and subclusters in the NYC Metro Life Science marketplace to educate a national audience about the strength of the market and new opportunities for collaboration and location.  All of these subclusters are growing up around existing academic institutions and new, private life science developments in neighborhoods. Each neighborhood touched on has its own distinct social, cultural, and recreational flavor.

The Seminar Series ran for eight episodes from January through September 2022, each covering different life science subclusters. In Episode 7, the focus was on “From the Bronx to Westchester.”

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Builds Bio life sciences and real estate industry event in Greater NY

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Welcome and Opening Remarks

  • Nancy J Kelley, Founding Member, NYC Builds Bio+; President and CEO, Nancy J Kelley + Associates
  • Alicia Aniello, General Manager, New York, Triumvirate Environmental

Hutchinson Metro Center (The Bronx)

  • Megan Guy, Vice President of Development, Simone Healthcare Development
  • Guy Leibler, President, Simone Healthcare Development

Einstein Medical School

  • Gordon F. Tomaselli, M.D., Executive Vice President and Chief Academic Officer, Albert Einstein Medical School
  • Harris Goldstein, M.D., Professor of Pediatrics and Microbiology & Immunology

Montefiore Health System


Westchester County
Deborah Novick, Director of Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Office of Economic Development

Clinical Research Center, Westchester Medical Center
Deborah Viola, Vice President, Clinical Research Center, Westchester Medical Center

The Catalyst, Westchester County Biosciences Accelerator
Mary Howard, Executive Director, Design Technologies LLC

Hudson Valley

Hudson Valley iCampus
Sheena Gohil, Executive Managing Director, New York City, Colliers

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Episode 2: Emerging Life Science Subclusters in the NY Metro Area on Midtown West and Long Island
Episode 3: Midtown East and Manhattanville
Episode 4: Hudson Square and Jersey City
Episode 5: Mount Sinai and Academic Alley
Episode 6: Gateways to the East: Brooklyn and Long Island City
Episode 7: Gateways to the North: From the Bronx to Westchester
Episode 8: Gateways to Connecticut