July 15, 2021
Life Sciences Summit

The Life Sciences Summit is an early stage investor and business development conference that highlights innovation. The objective of the event is to connect emerging biotech companies and academic innovators with the capital and strategic partners they will need to move new discoveries through clinical development.

The two-day program features corporate presentations by promising young companies with transformative science that targets unmet medical needs. It also features informative plenary sessions, business workshops, and therapeutic sessions.

What people are saying about LSS “Out of all the life science investor conferences, the Life Sciences Summit was by far the most productive for our company, ENB Therapeutics. Our Series A syndicate of investors was formed entirely from initial meetings at the Life Sciences Summit”. Sumayah Jamal, MD-PhD, President, Co-founder and CSO.


“The Life Sciences Summit is an important conference for us—Syntimmune, the first early-stage investment from Apple Tree Partners’ current fund, grew out of a discussion that began over lunch at the Summit in 2013!” – Sam Hall, Principal, Apple Tree Partners

“Life Sciences Summit is a superb conference that brings out the voice of the small company. The opportunity to showcase EpiDestiny at the LSS 2017, and the support from LSS organizing team, was very useful to sharpen our corporate strategy culminating in a collaboration with Novo Nordisk worth more than $400 million.” – Santhosh Vadivelu Ph.D, President and CEO, EpiDestiny.

“Almost immediately, our participation in the Life Sciences Summit was fruitful for us, we received interest from two investors and one biopharma company. Greatly looking forward to see what develops and will definitely participation in the event again” – Raymond A. Alvarez, PhD, Co-founder & CEO, Ichor Biologics

“I can’t tell you how beneficial it was to meet so respected and accomplished a collection of thought leaders in this industry who are taking interest in what we are doing. As a direct result of this conference, I have already entered into an NDA with a major pharmaceutical company who is setting up an evaluation process with their teams” – Michael Zeitlin, Chief Executive Officer, Aqumin