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Builds Bio+ membership expansion into London: Bridging all segments of the life science ecosystem

London is emerging as a vital center for life sciences, part of the UK's 'Golden Triangle' alongside Oxford and Cambridge, spurred by a surge in sector investment post-pandemic. This surge includes firms in pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, and genomics seeking space for research and expansion.

As an extension of the Builds Bio+ nonprofit membership-driven organization established in New York and Philadelphia, London Builds Bio+ is dedicated to bringing the life sciences innovation community together, serving as the go-to place to find information about and assistance with growing, building and locating life science companies in the area.

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JUNE 20-22, 2023 • New York City, USA

London / New York Life Sciences Study Tour

We explored the life science landscapes of New York City (NYC) and London (LON) as esteemed panelists provided valuable insights into investment opportunities, strategic growth, and economic development.

Sessions throughout the 3-day tour focused on exploring the latest advancements, challenges, and opportunities within the research and development landscape by bringing together industry leaders, experts, and key stakeholders in the life science sector.

We covered vital topics including government initiatives, social infrastructure sustainability, university research, start-up support, workforce development, and balancing rents with specifications. Attendees gained valuable insights from industry experts as they explored these critical areas shaping the future of the life science sector.

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"We are convinced that both the talent in London and the ecosystem will enable us to build a very vibrant hub."

– Dr. Hal Barron
Chief Scientific Officer, GSK

"We are pioneering cutting-edge technologies, life-changing treatments and ground-breaking programs – the capital offers a huge number of opportunities for investors to support creativity across our thriving life sciences sector."

– Rajesh Agrawal
Deputy Mayor of London for Business


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The goal of London Builds Bio+ is to educate an integrated base of life science and real estate professionals, increase the visibility of commercial life sciences opportunities, and jump start life science real estate development in the London area in a manner that will foster a large and growing economics cluster.

London Builds Bio+

London boasts an exceptional ecosystem for life sciences, featuring an interlinked community of top-tier universities, prestigious research institutions, healthcare services, medical nonprofits, inventive small enterprises, and major international corporations. This robust network makes the city a prime target for innovation and investments in the life sciences sector.

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A historic beacon of life sciences innovation

London's storied past as a hub for medical and biological innovation continues into the present, where it now stands in partnership with Oxford and Cambridge as the 'Golden Triangle'—a globally recognized nexus for the life sciences industry. This trio of cities collectively represents a powerhouse of research and development, driving forward the frontiers of knowledge in medicine and biology on the world stage.

One of the main reasons why London is a great place to scale is its well-connected clusters, both locally and globally. From the bustling city centre to all four corners of the capital you find world-leading clusters of excellence that offer anything from lab and incubation space, to partnership opportunities and the ability to attract and access top talent.

Some new/proposed investments in London's life sciences sector include:
  • the Francis Crick Institute – bringing together 1,500 scientists and support staff, with a focus on finding new ways to treat, diagnose and prevent a range of illnesses
  • Imperial College London’s White City Campus – co-locating researchers, businesses and higher education partners on a 25-acre site; the new UK Dementia Research Institute (UK DRI) also hosted on this campus 
  • the London Cancer Hub – a partnership between the Institute of Cancer Research and London Borough of Sutton, which aims to be one of the world’s leading districts specializing in cancer research and treatment
  • AstraZeneca’s new global R&D Centre in Cambridge, where the company already has 2,000 employees
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Builds Bio+ Goals

  • Identify and promote the areas amenable to life science development

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  • Increase knowledge and awareness of trends in life sciences

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  • Encourage interest in and knowledge about the benefits of retrofitting existing real estate from office into life science space

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  • Foster and promote a collaborative exchange between life sciences, design and real estate professionals

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  • Expand professional and public awareness of the economic and social benefits of life science employment

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  • Support public policies that will advance the life sciences and life science development industries

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  • Hold a range of workshops, meetings and events to discuss these issues

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