July 28, 2020
NYC Life Sciences Thriving in the Midst of COVID-19

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Biolabs@NYULangone is a 50,000 square foot biotech co-working facility providing flexible wet-lab bench rental, collaborative space, research equipment, business support and acceleration programming for early-stage life sciences companies. Located in Hudson Square in Lower Manhattan, it is a critical component in building the NYC life science pipeline.

It is also an inspiring story of resilience in the midst of COVID-19. Throughout the pandemic, Biolabs@NYULangone never closed. Even as some of its resident companies began pivoting into COVID 19 projects, the facility also accepted 8 new innovators into its space.

It’s been very encouraging to see biotech thriving, especially when it’s NYC’s resident companies succeeding – and we have great news from them:

• In March, C16 Biosciences raised $20 million in a Series A round to produce bio-based palm oil alternative for consumer products,

• Resident Compass Pathways closed out April with a Series B commitment of $80 million to take their magic mushroom drug toward Phase 3 clinical trials as they work to tackle treatment-resistant depression.

• In June, C2i Genomics raised $12 million to fund the development and clinical validation of C2i Genomics’ personalized, real-time solution for monitoring recurrence and treatment response for various types of solid cancers.

Join NYC Builds Bio+ executives and investors from BIOlabs@NYULangone, C16 Biosciences, Atai Life Sciences and C2i Genomics to discuss the exciting progress being made toward new bio-based products, treatments and drugs in the midst of COVID-19.


1:00 PM – 1:05 PM Welcome and Overview of the Meeting

  • Nancy J Kelley, President & CEO, Nancy J Kelley + Associates, Steering Committee, NYC Builds Bio+

1:05 PM – 1:50 PM Panel Presentation


  • Nishta Rao, Executive Director, Biolabs@NYULangon
  • Nancy J Kelley, President & CEO, Nancy J Kelley + Associates, Steering Committee, NYC Builds Bio+


  • Shara Ticku, Co-Founder and CEO, C16 Biosciences
  • Laura Katz, Founder, CEO, Helaina
  • Aaron Weaver, Senior Legal Counsel, Atai Life Sciences
  • Asaf Zviran, CEO & Chief Scientific Officer, C2i Genomics

1:50 PM – 2:00 PM Q&A With Audience
2:00 PM – 2:30 PM Network Connect