September 12, 2023
Philly Builds Bio+: 2nd Annual Symposium for Life Science Innovation and Development

The Philly Builds Bio+ Annual Symposium for Life Science Innovation and Development brings the entire life science ecosystem, curating an agenda around the critical drivers of the life science industry in Philadelphia, its opportunity and potential.

The Symposium holds significant importance and impact in light of recent developments in Philadelphia’s life science industry. With Philly’s rise in national rankings among major life science hubs and its increasing attraction of venture capital and developer interest, the Philly Builds Bio+ Symposium serves as a timely platform to foster growth and collaboration.

Philly Builds Bio+: 2nd Annual Symposium for Life Science Innovation and Development

September 12, 2023
The Union League of Philadelphia
140 S Broad St, Philadelphia

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The Symposium features keynote speakers and panel discussions, each moderated by prominent scientists, business leaders, or Philly real estate developers. This diverse range of perspectives ensures comprehensive discussions and insights into the latest trends and advancements in the life science sector. Attendees can expect engaging sessions that delve into critical topics shaping the industry’s future.

Overall, the Philly Builds Bio+ Annual Symposium plays a crucial role in strengthening the city’s position as a thriving life science hub. By bringing together key stakeholders, facilitating knowledge exchange, and supporting the creation of initiatives like Philly Builds Bio+, the Symposium contributes to the continued growth and success of the life science industry in Philadelphia.

Prepare to be captivated by a diverse lineup of esteemed speakers at the Symposium. These influential leaders hail from the realms of academia, the life sciences sector, and the life science real estate development community. What sets this gathering apart is our commitment to showcase fresh voices that have yet to be heard in Philly’s life science conversations. Brace yourself for an infusion of new information and a novel perspective that will leave you inspired and enlightened.

The Symposium Agenda will revolve around the following topics:

  • Philadelphia’s Path to Innovation: Building upon a Rich History
  • Driving Innovation and Commercialization through Science
  • Exploring the Latest Funding Landscape for Innovation
  • Empowering Innovation: Incubator and Accelerator Programs
  • Revolutionary Advances in Life Science Treatments: Celebrating Success
  • Unveiling Commercial Opportunities in Philadelphia’s Life Sciences Sector
  • Assessing Philadelphia’s Capacity to Meet the Demands of Life Science Companies
  • Unlocking Potential: Life Science Development in Philadelphia and Surrounding Areas
  • Addressing the Challenges Confronting Philadelphia’s Life Sciences Industry
  • …and more!

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