January 27, 2022
NYC Builds Bio+Seminar Series Sponsored by Triumvirate Environmental: Overview of the NYC Metro Life Sciences Economy and Subclusters

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Greater New York Metropolitan Area Life Science Landscape Review And Outlook

A recent NYC City Planning study of the NYC Metro Life Science economy concluded that the NYC Metro area, which includes New York, New Jersey and Connecticut, enjoys the largest life science economy in the United States and the 2020 Census data shows it growing faster than many other regions of the country.

This life science industry has been driven by increasing growth in the private sector but also by substantial investment made by state and local governments over the last ten years, as well a growing workforce of technical and specialized life science workers. NYC, NJ and other governments across the region will continue to invest in this regional life sciences economy. Combined, new initiatives and development will drive innovation across the region for years to come, especially in the area of NYC, northern New Jersey and Stamford CT.

The NYC Metro Life Science marketplace has a number of subclusters emerging in Manhattan and the surrounding NYC boroughs, northern NJ and southern CT. Each of these subclusters are growing up around existing academic institutions and new private life science developments in neighborhoods. Each of the neighborhoods has its own distinct social, cultural and recreational flavor.

This Sponsored Seminar Series will showcase each of the new life sciences developments and subclusters in the NYC Metro Life Science marketplace in order to educate a national audience about the strength of the market and new opportunities for collaboration and location. Each seminar will be hosted by and sponsored by the developers creating the spaces in the featured subcluster(s). The Seminar Series will run for eight episodes, each covering a life science cluster.

About Triumvirate: Triumvirate Environmental (https://www.triumvirate.com) or TEI is a world class environmental, health, and safety firm focusing on operational solutions for lab space in the Life Science, Healthcare, and University sectors, be it in research, clinical, or manufacturing operations throughout the United States. TEI is a sponsoring member of the NYC Builds Bio+ and Lab Central in Cambridge Massachusetts


Episode 1: Overview of the NYC Metro Life Sciences Economy and Subclusters – January 27th

The first episode will give an overview of the growth and development of NYC Metro Life Sciences economy into the largest life science economy in the United States over the last twenty years, highlighting the macro trends driving this growth and where concentrated development is occurring. Episode 1 will identify each of the subclusters where development is occurring and how they are interconnected, as well as the longer-term trends and investment that will drive growth in the future.

Each of the next Episodes will focus on different subclusters in the NYC Metro Life Science Market. The academic institutions, life science developments and the flavor of the neighborhoods will be highlighted.

The subclusters will be featured chronologically, based on the strength of the subcluster and which developments are coming to market with available space to lease.


  • Nancy J Kelley, President & CEO, Nancy J Kelley + Associates, Founding Member, NYC Builds Bio+
  • Alicia K. Aniello, General Manager, New York Branch, Triumvirate Environmental


  • Matthew Waskiewicz, Regional Planner, NYC Department of City Planning
  • Susan Rosenthal, Senior Vice President, Life Sciences and Healthcare, NYCEDC
  • Lenzie Harcum,  Director, New Jersey Bioscience Center
  • Bridget Gibbons, Director, Economic Development, Westchester County, NY
  • Dawn Hocevar, President & CEO, BioCT
  • John Bourdeaux, President, Advance CT

Episode 2: Midtown West and Long Island City – February 22nd

  • Hudson Research Center
  • 125 West End Avenue
  • Mount Sinai/ Georgetown
  • Innolabs
  • The Bindery

Episode 3: Midtown East and Manhattanville – March 22nd

  • The Cure, Deerfield Management
  • Alexandria Life Sciences Center/ LaunchLabs
  • IndieBIO, New York
  • Manhattanville Factory District/ Harlem Biospace
  • Columbia Presbyterian
  • CUNY Advanced Science Research Center

Episode 4: Hudson Square and Jersey City – April 26th 

  • BioLabs@NYU Langone
  • New York Genome Center
  • Google Hudson Square
  • The Cove JC
  • 95 Greene Street

 Episode 5: Mount Sinai and Academic Alley – May 31rd

  • Center East (New York Blood Center)
  • Tri-Institutional Therapeutics Discovery Institute
  • Weill Cornell Medicine, Bioventure eLab
  • Bronk Translational Center

Episode 6: Gateways to the East: Brooklyn and Long Island – June 28th 

  • NewLabs, Brooklyn Navy Yard (Brooklyn)
  • Industry City (Brooklyn)
  • BioBAT (Brooklyn)
  • SUNY Downstate Biotechnology Incubator (Brooklyn)
  • NYS Center for Biotechnology
  • Long Island Bioscience Hub (Long Island)

Episode 7: Gateways to the North: From the Bronx to Westchester – July 26th 

  • Hutchinson Metro Center (The Bronx)
  • Einstein Medical School
  • Westchester County
  • Ardsley Park Life Science Campus, North 60, Regeneron, Buffalo Niagara

Episode 8: Gateways to the South: – September 8th 

  • New Haven, CT
  • Stamford and Branford, CT
  • Philadelphia, PA