May 9, 2024
WCBA & ABCT Pitch Day
Midtown, NY

2024 WCBA & ABCT Pitch Day

Hear from and network with founders of new healthcare ventures seeking to raise awareness, and/or secure funding, resources and partnerships. Attendees include investors, corporate sponsors and members of the life sciences ecosystem.

Date: Thursday, May 9, 2024
Time: 1:00pm to 7:00pm
Location: Midtown, NY (Register to See Address)

· Standard Ticket: $75
· Service Providers: $125

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​These 16 founders will pitch at the 2024 Pitch Day:

From WCBA:

  • Anita Lee (Independent) – Twin Weavers uses conversational and generative AI to assess, identify, and address health and social service needs throughout a person’s lifetime.
  • Ariel Yusupov (New York Medical College) – F.I.G Therapeutics: Their gene therapy, currently focused on prostate cancer, utilizes over-expressing factors in cancer to drive a multi-modal attack, designed to prevent resistance and more aggressive disease.
  • Daniel Gareau (Rockefeller University) – SurgiVance is advanced surgical pathology to drive better cancer care. Their diagnostic medical device will serve as a histopathology lab in a box to meet needs in pathology markets including specialty surgery.
  • Evris Gavathiotis (Albert Einstein College of Medicine) – Their technology encompasses a novel small molecule therapeutic strategy that exhibits broad efficacy in diverse cancers, aiming to advance to clinical stage.
  • Glen Prusky (Weill Cornell Medicine) – Gaze Engine: An efficient methodology to measure the visual contrast sensitivity function, which promises to replace visual acuity measures as the standard for routine vision assessment.
  • Hourinaz Behesti (Rockefeller University) Hebbian Bio is building a human stem cell-based technology platform for target discovery to develop first-in-class therapeutics for patients with currently untreatable neurodevelopmental/psychiatric disorders.
  • Ilya Popov (Independent) – ComeBack Mobility has developed a Smart Crutch Tips IoT device & mob apps that let patients know how to apply the right amount of force to the recovering limb + remote therapeutic monitoring service for providers.
  • Katia Rojas (Independent) – Suabix: Advanced AI for seamless integration of human factors and usability engineering, aligned with regulatory compliance, for safer, user-centered products in healthcare, MedTech and beyond.
  • Kirsten Hund Blair and Kevin McClarren (Independent) – Lambent Data’s collaborative and HIPAA-compliant software, including data analytics and AI, equips healthcare/social service providers and empowers patients/clients to improve outcomes in health and Social Drivers of Health and reduce healthcare costs.
  • Zach Sawaged (Independent) – Concordare is a suite of web-application tools that have an exclusive ability to read and write a novel digital clinical trial protocol called a CPTM.

From ABCT:

  • Courtney K. Rowe, Christopher Foster, and Kelly Burke (University of Connecticut) – Pallivex, a biodegradable implantable pain film to deliver targeted, sustained, opioid-free local anesthetics for postoperative pain control.
  • Joshua Gilmore (Independent) – Social Health Passport (SHP) is an end users and social service providers platform to share information and resources to support their client’s social mobility and self-sufficiency.
  • Julien Berro and Yuan Ren (Yale University) – Nanochuk: Biosensors for Force-Based Diagnostics and Therapeutics.
  • Ming Hui (Independent) – Mobabbi: First complete potty-training solution that teaches babies to use the potty at an earlier age using sound association.
  • Prisca Obi (Yale University) – Virtus Therapeutics is actively developing a new class of small- molecule activators for treatment of propionic acidemia, a rare metabolic disease.
  • Vanessa Sena and Helen Wu (Independent) – My Local Chefs integrates personalized medical nutrition therapy and innovative technology to enable faster decision- making for doctors, particularly in treating gestational diabetes in pregnant women, ultimately contributing to improved outcomes for both the mother and baby.

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