June 16, 2022
Commercial Observer 2022 Healthcare Forum

Especially in the wake of the pandemic and amid an aging population, healthcare industry reform and innovation is a mainstream conversation. With this comes potential policy and regulatory changes for everything from hospitals and care providers to pharmaceuticals and insurance.

Public and private leaders throughout the nation are focusing on the effects of evolving expectations of patient consumerism. The public increasingly expects more convenience through retail, outpatient, value-based and telehealth strategies, which is in turn creating new demands on the built spaces and technologies needed to support the entire industry and the people it serves.

The Commercial Observer’s National Healthcare Forum is an industry-wide event for healthcare leaders who shared their blueprint and master plans for navigating the industry’s changing future as it progresses to meet customer and population demands through best planning and innovation practices.

The conference gathered the decision-makers driving the post-pandemic healthcare world through technology, new design and building techniques and increasingly flexible, complex facility networks. These leaders came together to discuss healthcare’s biggest trends, how the industry is planning for challenges and what’s next in a post-pandemic world.

Who were in attendance?

• Owners/ Developers
• Architects/Engineers
• Contractors
• Healthcare Facilities Managers
• Transportation and Agency Representatives
• Urban Planners
• Technology Firms
• Professional Service Firms
• Public Officials